Ten days have passed since the latest Cirrus product was launched. So how is CirrusX doing, and what does its reception tell us about the market for business-grade wireless services in Australia right now? 
CirrusX is a 100/100 Mbps service for business, backed by premium SLAs. It comes with built-in redundancy, something that's pretty much unique in the Australian context.   
Ten days in it's clear that we're hitting a real sweet spot. 
Partners are finding the price point compelling. Businesses that might previously have purchased a 10 Mbps service now want to scale up to the 100 Mbps for not much more in terms of outlay. 
But apart from the price, it's the redundancy that seems to be generating significant interest. Businesses are really responding to the fact that CirrusX comes with built-in last-mile redundancy as standard. 
This sends a very clear message. 
Businesses are very aware that equipment does fail. That's just the nature of hardware. So the way to achieve super-high availability is through redundancy.   
For Cirrus, this new product is the beginning of us pushing redundancy all the way to the edge. It's given a drive to push redundant architecture for all our services in the longer term. 
CirrusX is deployed across our national network, but it's not universally available. To meet demand, we have earmarked a significant number of sites for short-term expansion. 
The first ten days of CirrusX confirms that while 100 Mbps is at the higher end of services today, it's pretty clear that within 1-2 years, capacity of these dimensions will be much more mainstream. 
For this reason, it is interesting to reflect that most businesses will find their needs change dramatically within the time period of a standard telco contact, which is 2-3 years. 
The impulse of many businesses to purchase premium internet and layer 2 services that will see them through the next three years with plenty of room to grow is a wise risk-management strategy. 
- Eric Heyde, CEO