If there's anything that reinforces the need for redundancy for every business serious about its risk management, it's a fibre cut.

Fibre is usually fast and reliable. But last week’s fibre cut near NextDC’s Sydney data centre shows the dangers of depending on it. 
A worker with a borer broke through a duct carrying fibre from all the major carriers - Telstra, Optus - and more.
This was not just your plain old garden variety 'backhoe through fibre cable' issue. Those breakages create localised problems. This accident was on another scale altogether.
The cable can get wound around the drill bit of a borer - without the operator realising. The operator keeps on drilling. More and more cable gets wound in. You can see where we're going with this. Kilometres of fibre becomes damaged in this way. Of course any copper in the same duct gets damaged too.
In last week's case, all of the major carriers were hit by the accident with the borer. Why? Because they all use the same ducts.
If your business depends on fibre for any of your operational systems, it’s essential to have a backup solution that doesn’t share a single point of failure. Fixed wireless is the only business-grade telecommunications technology that keeps out of those ducts. 
Redundancy is not a luxury. It's an essential risk-management tool that every business needs to invest in.
Dr Eric Heyde, CEO