A premium-grade 100Mbps guaranteed service

Layer 2

100/100Mbps backed by premium SLA for total peace of mind.

CirrusX supports Cloud applications, voice and internet. It includes in-built redundancy at the last mile - an industry first!

And CirrusX comes with industry-leading transparency. Network data and service levels are available via our exclusive Partner Portal. 

Unlimited Internet

This is pure, fast internet with SLA-protected uptime.

Engineered to perform in demanding environments, CirrusX is custom-designed for high-capacity end-users.

Our uncontended and unmetered broadband does what is says: it delivers unrivalled capacity, quality and reliability for corporate, business and retail enterprises.



Offered on three-year terms

Standard flat pricing irrespective of your install conditions

Standard or extended reach product versions depending on your location

One service, one end user

Suitable for all environments with the exception of the education sector

Service qualification through the Cirrus portal or your account manager

Available NOW in most areas