Partner Program

Partner program

A new telecommunications network represents an opportunity

  • The telecommunications market is ripe for agile new carriers - businesses are becoming exasperated by existing connectivity options
  • Cirrus uses wireless technology to provide fast and cost effective 'last mile' connectivity to bypass these challenges
  • Cirrus' pricing is extremely competitive because our approach is 'cost plus' not 'market minus'. This means that there is more to share with partners.

Why partner?

  • For our partners and their customers, our network looks like their network
  • We do the work and provide our partners with transparency: partners see everything going on
  • Our partners have a trusted relationship with their customers. Cirrus provides them the opportunity to leverage that relationship in a way that saves the customer money
  • Cirrus is an innovative, fast moving company. We are always looking for ways to grow our business by meeting then exceeding our customers' needs.

What sorts of partnerships are available?

Cirrus has two types of partnerships: wholesale partners and resellers.

Wholesale partners own the relationship with the end user, being responsible for initial support and billing. Wholesale partners purchase services from Cirrus at the wholesale price and can sell to their customers for the price they choose.

Resellers introduce Cirrus to an end user and obtain a commission on all revenue from the relationship. Cirrus has the billing relationship with the customer (at Cirrus' recommended retail price) and provides all support directly to the customer.

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